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What Happens at Your First Osteopath Appointment

Never been to an Osteopath before but have been recommended? This blog is all about what happens at your first Osteopath appointment. Osteopaths undergo 5 years of university training and are trained to understand how the parts of your body should work and the impact on the body when an injury occurs and function is altered.

An initial consultation is usually between 45-60 minutes long. During the first appointment, your Osteopath will take a thorough case history asking you questions about your:

Current complaint,
General Health
Past musculoskeletal injuries
Past medical history
Family history

After the case history is taken your Osteopath will then go through a relevant neuro-musculoskeletal assessment relevant to your complaint and history. This will most likely entail:
Observation of your posture -A range of different movements active and passive
Neurological exam if indicated
Orthopedic tests if indicated

From the information gathered in the history taking and physical examination, your Osteopath will discuss a working diagnosis of what they propose the problem is and ask for consent to start treatment.

Manual treatment is based on the Osteopathic principles discussed in the last blog explaining what is an Osteopath and can be a combination of the following depending on your complaint:
Soft tissue
Joint manipulation & articulation
Myofascial technique
Muscle energy technique
Dry Needling

The manual treatment will be followed by advice on how to manage the complaint outside of the treatment room which could include:
Change in postures
Change in ergonomics
Stress management techniques

A management plan will then be discussed moving forward with what to expect in terms of when your complaint is likely to resolve, how many times you will need to see the Osteopath etc.

Subsequent visits to an Osteopath are usually 30 minutes long and have all of the above aspects with a shorter history taken relating to the relevant complaint.

Now that you know what happens at your first Osteopath appointment, hopefully, you feel ready to make the call and see what an Osteo can do for you. If you would like to know more about what specific conditions Osteopaths can help with click here. https://www.withoutlimitshealth.com.au/services/osteopathy

If you require an Osteopathic consultation our Osteopaths in South Melbourne and Southbank can help, click here to book now
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