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Osteopaths in South Melbourne & Southbank treating all your musculoskeletal needs. Helping you move free, pain free.
Alli founded Without Limits Health in 2011.  Alli's journey towards Osteopathy comes from a love of competitive sport and a fascination of how the body works.

Heavy Purse Syndrome - Is Your Handbag Causing You Neck & Shoulder Pain?

Handbags are not just a fashion statement, they carry very important essentials. However, the rising popularity of large totes and the temptation to fill the bag with everything but the kitchen sink "just in case" can be doing more harm than good to our physical health.
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Osteopathy vs Physiotherapy: What's the Difference?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked in practice, and the answer can be quite detailed and extensive. The main difference between osteopathy and physiotherapy is the sectors in which you will find each professional working. 
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Osteopath Vs Chiropractor - What's the Difference?

Osteopath Vs Chiropractor - what is the difference?
It is one of the most common questions we get asked in practice. To answer this question, I want to highlight first the similarities before discussing the differences.

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What Happens at Your First Osteopath Appointment

Never been to an Osteopath before but have been recommended? This blog is all about what happens at your first Osteopath appointment. Osteopaths undergo 5 years of university training and are trained to understand how the parts of your body should work and the impact on the body when an injury occurs and function is altered.

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We Have Moved

In case you haven't heard Without Limits Health has moved to 121-123 Ferrars St Southbank!
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What is Osteopathy?

It is a question I have been asked since I decided to study and become an Osteopath many years ago. Most people have heard of the discipline, but many would struggle to explain what Osteopathy is and exactly what an Osteopath does.

In a nutshell, Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that has a hands-on holistic approach to your neuro-musculoskeletal system.
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International Breast Feeding   Week

International Breastfeeding Week 1st-7th August. 


Just like the birthing process, each breastfeeding journey is unique!  This post is for all the mums and mums to be. 


Breastfeeding is hard!  It can be such a rewarding and positive experience for lots of women and it can also be difficult, challenging, emotional and even traumatic.   For me it was all of the above!  💕😫🤦‍♀️🤱  


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Telehealth New Services

Hands-on treatment is a part of what we do, but it isn't all that we do. Yes, we are indeed having to adapt how we do things in response to COVID-19 but just because we can't see you face to face does not mean we can't help those in pain. 


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Self-care is so important for our health yet self-care always takes a dive to the bottom of priorities in so many people's lives just when it should be at the top of the list!

How often do you get so busy that you forget to look after yourself and later forced to take a step back? (most of the people that walk into our treatment rooms).


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Practicing Gratitude daily can change how we are wired to think!

As apart of my Nourish me pledge from my last blog post, practising gratitude has become part of my nourish me journey. We live in a world bombarded with information on how we should think, we are constantly being reminded of societal pressures whether we are consciously aware of the messages that our subconscious mind are subjected to on a daily basis or not. I came across an amazing book written by Merideth Gatson called the art of gratitude whilst I was exploring nourishing myself and what that meant, I highly recommend this book as some light reading to inspire you to change the way you think. 

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Nourish Me

My body and mind have been screaming these words to me for the past 9 months. "Nourish me. Please..... nourish me........"

As a new mum who is back at work and still breastfeeding and getting up multiple times a night to my beautiful daughter, I was starting to become a zombie and forget the shell of my former self. If you are a mum I already see you nodding your knowing head. Motherhood changes you in a way that you can't quite explain, for me I have never felt more vulnerable in my life and motherhood is both the greatest and most challenging thing I will ever do, sleep deprivation was certainly getting the best of me as I found myself in a cycle of overwhelm and desperately needing to listen to my body screaming at me to nourish myself!! 
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