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Hands-on treatment is a part of what we do, but it isn't all that we do. Yes, we are indeed having to adapt how we do things in response to COVID-19 but just because we can't see you face to face does not mean we can't help those in pain. 


In these times of stress and uncertainty musculoskeletal pain is bound to rear its ugly head and we want you to know that we are still here for you and able to provide you with a solution to your pain problem. 


The last thing we want for you at this moment is more uncertainty, so this blog is all about how the Telehealth platform works and how you can benefit from this service. So I have put together some questions and answers to make it clear. We are still here for you and we will also be here to hold your hand through this process. 


What do we offer via the Telehealth platform?

Diagnosis and management of acute and persistent

musculoskeletal injuries 

Workstation ergonomic risk assessments

Home exercise prescription 


How does the consultation work and how is it different?

When someone comes in for a consultation they can expect to have a chat about what is bothering them, we will ask questions and gain a case history. This doesn't change in a Telehealth platform.  


We would then will go through an assessment, which may require you to perform some movements, this also does not change., but it may take longer to do this part to get more information. 


Usually at this point in a consultation is where the hands-on approach begins whilst we explain what is causing the problem. 

This is where the consultation will differ, here we will instruct you to do some exercises/stretches to "treat" the affected area. 


Then like in a normal consult we will give you advice on how to manage this, which may include altering/avoiding certain things, prescribing some daily stretches and exercises sent through our software platform you can access on an easy to use App, it may also include changing/adapting your work station. 


How do I book an appointment?


You can book through our website by clicking the Book appointment Today button. 


Choose the telehealth option and time that suits you. 


You will then be asked to pay. This is different as we won't see you face to face we can't process your payment.


How do I access my online appointment?

A link will be sent in your email confirmation and appointment reminders. Simply click on the link at the time of your appointment to gain access. 


What do I need for the appointment?


You can access this through any device, Phone/Tablet/laptop. 


Non-essential but useful:

 If you have earphones then it works better for sound if you have them plugged in. 

Make sure there is enough space for you to do some stretches. If you have a foam roller, thera-band or spikey ball, have them handy. 


Can I claim on private health?

At the moment you can't claim, however, this may change in the future, but we have altered our fees to reflect this. 

Initial Telehealth consultation $55 

Subsequent consultation $45 


I hope this clears up the process for everyone. If you have any questions please email us on info@withoutlimitshealth.com.au or call us on (03) 9077 3673. You can book online via our website www.withoutlimitshealth.com.au


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