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International Breast Feeding   Week


International Breastfeeding Week 1st-7th August. 


Just like the birthing process, each breastfeeding journey is unique!  This post is for all the mums and mums to be. 


Breastfeeding is hard!  It can be such a rewarding and positive experience for lots of women and it can also be difficult, challenging, emotional and even traumatic.   For me it was all of the above!  💕😫🤦‍♀️🤱  

Blocked ducts
Nipple vasospasm
Cracked nipples
Latching problems
Weight gain issues
Cluster feeding
Endless pumping (sometimes just to get 10ml of milk)
Sleepless nights
Oh and let's not forget those raging hormones

All whilst recovering from the birthing process whether you had a vaginal birth or c- section. Breastfeeding is natural YES but it is also HARD WORK!

Breastfeeding is a skill that both mother and baby need time and a whole bunch of SUPPORT to get the hang of.🤱🤗💕  

For all those mums out there breastfeeding with ease, or struggling, or mumma's to be wanting to know more can I just say this. YOU are amazing no matter what your journey is or was.🤱🤗💕  

I did not truly know how hard the breastfeeding challenge could be, even though I had professionally seen what issues could arise. I thought I was prepared. No one can prepare you for the hacked, stinging, burning nipples as a result of a baby that doesn't latch properly. No one prepares you for the thoughts of inadequacy when your baby fails to gain their target weight. No one prepares you for the internal dialogue & stress that occurs when you start to think your body is not enough. Breastfeeding for me was both rewarding, challenging, emotional, and traumatic (and I thankfully didn't even suffer a bout of mastitis).

Thanks to my amazing support team which helped me through, which included my Mumma friends, my mum, my amazing Osteo friend that treated myself and my daughter, and the most amazing private lactation consultant. Its 2 years on and I am still trying to get my daughter to give up the "ilk".

To all of the beautiful Mummas out there that struggled or could not continue for whatever reason. It is OK. There are multiple reasons why some mothers have more challenges and than others and have to stop. Don't beat yourself up over it. Be kind to yourself and know you did the best you could.🤱🤗💕  

Whatever your Journey was or will be the most important thing is support.🤗

Here are some tips for the mums to be:
-Educate yourself on Breastfeeding whilst you are pregnant
-Continue to learn and educate yourself about breastfeeding during the process
-Ask questions to the midwife, maternal child health nurse
-Get a lactation consultant (the earlier the better)
-Ask your mumma friends, they are here to support and embrace your transition into motherhood and that includes all things breastfeeding
-Ring the 24hour Australian Breastfeeding line (I did plenty of times)
-Maintain good breastfeeding posture

Whatever your journey is be kind to yourself and know that support is always there you just need to seek it! 🤱🤗💕  

Great Breastfeeding Resources 


Rowena Grays book: Born to Breastfeed 


Australian breastfeeding book 

Australian Breastfeeding 24 hour-line 1800 868 268 



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