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Dr Declan Hofbauer

A graduate of RMIT, Declan enjoys treating all ages and conditions from acute sporting injuries through to chronic and complex presentations.  Declan treats everyone’s unique presentation in a holistic manner with the aim to help everyone move towards their peak health, regardless of their condition or background.

Skiing since he could walk, Declan grew up in the high country of Victoria and is an avid skier and cyclist, with a background in elite alpine ski racing as both an athlete and coach.  This sporting background, along with the desire to work with and help people, attracted Declan to osteopathy.

Declan has worked alongside world leading orthopaedic surgeons in India, managing patients both pre- and post-surgery for frozen shoulders, knees and hips.  Declan is trained in dry needling and cupping and also has extensive knowledge of mattresses and pillows with over 2 years of experience in the sleep industry.

 “Health is an individual concept that is unique to everyone and one that will constantly evolve and change throughout that person’s life.  Health is not a single rule, rather an empowering, dynamic tool to use in getting the most out of life”.

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Dr Melissa Arnts

Melissa’s love of sport is what drew her to the career of Osteopathy. Her passion for helping people through their various aches and pains is what drives her each day in clinical practice. Melissa graduated at Victoria University with a Bachelor of Clinical Science and Masters in Osteopathy. In her masters she investigated the benefits and affects on the body of barefoot and minimalistic shoe running, working with participants from the Western Bulldogs Football Club.

Melissa has gained significant experience in the treatment, rehabilitation and management of sporting injuries working as the head trainer of the Cheltenham Football Club. In addition Melissa has developed an interest in the assessment and treatment of repetitive strain injuries (RSI), acute and sudden onset neck pain and headaches.

Working at Without Limits will allow Melissa to support people to achieve their best possible results in sport and life whilst promoting healthy lifestyles.

Melissa’s ideal day would incorporate an early morning yoga session followed by a surf at the beach.  She also loves to play mixed netball and has always been a keen tennis player.

Melissa's approach to treatment varies from patient to patient but she commonly incorporates manipulation, soft tissue therapy, stretching and articulation.

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Dr Alli Van Ommen

Alli grew up in Hobart, Tasmania before completing a 5 year Osteopathic degree at RMIT. After graduating Alli moved to Greece to play in the European professional Water Polo league, before returning to Melbourne to begin her journey founding Without Limits Health in 2011.

Alli is passionate about sport playing over 200 games in the Australian National League Water Polo competition.  Alli has worked with the Women’s VIS Water Polo squad teaching pilates, Alli also does a range of health talks and programs working with schools, including sporting organizations such as Victorian Swimming, and Water polo Victoria.

Alli treats all ages from all types of injuries and complaints and shares an interest in women’s health; appreciating the complex nature of women’s hormonal cycles and the effect they have on the body throughout normal cycles and during pregnancy.

"I believe that knowledge is the key to a healthy mind, body and soul, and that the only limits we have are the limits we create." 

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Meet Without Limits Service Partners From Astoria Health

Yannick Boribon-Soares Naturopathy & Massage

Yannick Boribon-SoaresYannick is a passionate Naturopath who strives to help her patients obtain optimal health and healing through lifestyle, diet, herbal medicine and supplements. She believes in treating the person as a whole empowering you to heal your body in the most natural way and without limits.

Yannick completed her Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2005 and this opened her eyes to the fact that patients would come and see her for massage when they needed so much more. After speaking to patients about their health issues and concerns Yannick decided to pursue her interest in natural medicine and began her Bachelor of Naturopathy in 2006.  After graduating from LAWS college in 2010 Yannick moved to London and worked as a trainer for a probiotics company called Optibac.  It gave her the opportunity to work with some of Europe’s leading Natural Health care practitioners such as Jan De Viers from the A.Vogel herbal company.  

During the initial Naturopathic consultation, Yannick uses a Bioresonance machine which allows her to pick up on certain nutritional deficiencies, illnesses and areas of weakness and toxicity in the body which can then be addressed using natural treatments, herbs and supplements. 

Yannick has a particular interest in women's health and has completed further training in pregnancy and fertility with MediHerb.  She offers fertility, conception and pregnancy packages along with weight loss and detox programs.  To get more information about the costs and inclusions of these programs click the links above or visit the programs page.

As well as massage and naturopathy, Yannick also practices energy healing and Reiki to help rebalance the the body's subtle energy chakras and restore well-being.

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To find out more about Yannick please visit https://www.facebook.com/YannickBoribonSoares/

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Osteopathy includes deep soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation techniques, stretching, and gentle manipulation.