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Melissa’s love of sport is what drew her to the career of Osteopathy. Her passion for helping people through their various aches and pains is what drives her each day in clinical practice. Melissa graduated at Victoria University with a Bachelor of Clinical Science and Masters in Osteopathy. In her masters she investigated the benefits and affects on the body of barefoot and minimalistic shoe running, working with participants from the Western Bulldogs Football Club.

Melissa has gained significant experience in the treatment, rehabilitation and management of sporting injuries working as the head trainer of the Cheltenham Football Club. In addition Melissa has developed an interest in the assessment and treatment of repetitive strain injuries (RSI), acute and sudden onset neck pain and headaches.

Working at Without Limits will allow Melissa to support people to achieve their best possible results in sport and life whilst promoting healthy lifestyles.

Melissa’s ideal day would incorporate an early morning yoga session followed by a surf at the beach.  She also loves to play mixed netball and has always been a keen tennis player.

Melissa's approach to treatment varies from patient to patient but she commonly incorporates manipulation, soft tissue therapy, stretching and articulation.

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Osteopathy includes deep soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation techniques, stretching, and gentle manipulation.