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Alli Van OmenAlli grew up in Hobart, Tasmania before completing a 5 year Osteopathic degree at RMIT. After graduating Alli moved to Greece to play in the European professional Water Polo league, before returning to Melbourne to begin her journey Without Limits.

Alli is passionate about sport and was a member of the Victorian Tigers National league Women’s Water Polo Team and VIS squad.  Alli has worked with the Women’s Vis Water Polo squad teaching pilates, she is currently running the Women’s Mentoring program for Victorian Water Polo.  Alli also does a range of health talks and programs working with schools, including sporting organizations such as Victorian Swimming.
Alli treats all ages from all types of injuries and complaints and shares an interest in Women’s health; appreciating the complex nature of women’s hormonal cycles and the effect they have on the body throughout normal cycles and during pregnancy.

“2 years ago I started Without Limits Health and Osteopathy. My goal in life is to make a difference in the world, no matter how small or how big.

I believe that knowledge is the key to a healthy mind, body and soul, and that the only limits we have are the limits we create.

Without Limits is about facilitating change, it isn't just about treating people with musculoskeletal symptoms. I believe in giving my clients the knowledge to break through limits not just physically but mentally as well. Most of the musculoskeletal symptoms people experience today are linked with stress and the mind and our digestion.

My job is to help you facilitate change by showing you where your musculoskeletal problems are coming from physically, and how they are being held onto mentally; so that you can make the changes to free your limitations.”

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Osteopathy includes deep soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation techniques, stretching, and gentle manipulation.