Osteopathy For Headaches - How Does It Work?

Let’s talk about osteopathy and headaches. Most adults will experience a headache at some point in their lives, some stay for a short period of time, whilst others decide to linger and re-occur regularly.

There are a variety of headache types, some with well-known causes and some without.

Headaches we commonly see at Without Limits Health include:

Tension-Type headaches:

A primary headache that may arise from stress and muscular tension

Cervicogenic headaches:
A secondary headache arising from a neck dysfunction

TMJ headaches:
A secondary headache arising from a jaw dysfunction
Osteopathy can play a role in the treatment and management of the headaches listed above, as well as others.

A headache consultation at Without Limits Health would involve:
A thorough history taking
Physical examination
Diagnosis & aim to identify a cause of pain
Hands-on treatment
Education & self-management strategies
We will also communicate with your GP or refer to other health professionals when required.

Beneficial management strategies may include:
Keeping a headache diary- Headache Australia share a list of valuable resources on their website that allow you to track your headache
Identifying and controlling potential triggers e.g., diet, stress, lifestyle factors
Pain medication prescribed by your GP
If you experience headaches, have a chat with one of our Osteopaths or a health professional to seek further advice or guidance. Book Now.


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