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Practicing Gratitude daily can change how we are wired to think!

As apart of my Nourish me pledge from my last blog post, practising gratitude has become part of my nourish me journey. We live in a world bombarded with information on how we should think, we are constantly being reminded of societal pressures whether we are consciously aware of the messages that our subconscious mind are subjected to on a daily basis or not. I came across an amazing book written by Merideth Gatson called the art of gratitude whilst I was exploring nourishing myself and what that meant, I highly recommend this book as some light reading to inspire you to change the way you think. 

After reading this book I decided to start a gratitude journal to counteract this and take back control of my thoughts and steer them in the direction I wanted to focus on, rather than being on autopilot and influenced by societal "norms". Every night before going to bed I write the things I am grateful for in that moment, I would also write an affirmation, and the results have been amazing.

"You are what you think you become"

I truly believe this after-all science tells us that the brain is plastic and always changing. Just by changing my environment for 2 minutes a day, by being mindful and displaying gratitude I was able to bring myself back to what is really important and focus on what I do have, not what I don't or would like to have, which has surprisingly triggered a sense of deep happiness, even in the midst of chaos and sleep deprivation.

After a week of writing in the journal I noticed a dramatic shift in how my thoughts drifted in a more positive way and my focus shifted, I found that I felt much more relaxed in my body and about that never-ending to-do list. I still had the same amount to do, but somehow it seemed less overwhelming and I actually became more productive, by practicing gratitude and writing the same affirmation each time I found that my thoughts were more kind to myself, which I believe is what made the biggest shift and we all know that our biggest critic most often than not is ourselves.

8 years ago on July 1st, I started Without Limits Health and I thought what better way to look back on the last 8 years than to display gratitude to all the amazing people I have met on this journey and gratitude to what this business has become. I am so grateful to do what I love, and to meet some amazing people along the way, I am so grateful that I get to work alongside some amazing professionals that make up our Without Limits Team. Thank you for all your support past, present and future. Happy 8th Birthday Without Limits.

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