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Yannick Boribon-Soares

Yannick is a passionate Naturopath who strives to help her patients obtain optimal health and healing through lifestyle, diet, herbal medicine and supplements.

10 Reasons to see a Naturopath

Have you been thinking of seeing a Naturopath but unsure, here are a few reasons which might help to clarify things for you.

  1. Naturopaths may help with conditions such as Cold and Flu, Diabetes, arthritis, Anxiety and depression, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, and digestive complaints.
  • Did you know that 75% of your immunity cells are found in your gut. So if you have any digestive complaints or issues like IBS, Leaky gut, food intolerances, and allergies or reflux then your immune system will be compromised. This can make you more susceptible to Autoimmune diseases and make you get sick more regularly. A naturopath can help you repair the inflammation, leaky gut and digestive discomfort and in turn improve your immune system.
  1. Naturopaths work in preventative medicine. A naturopath can help improve your health and may prevent invasive procedures and medications. Using lifestyle and dietary changes, herbal medicine, and nutritional supplements to get your health back on track. Cardiac conditions, High Blood pressure, and Diabetes are all conditions which may be improved with Naturopathic care.
  1. Many Naturopaths have a special interest in treating Gynaecological disorders and reproductive issues. Did you know that period pain and PMS symptoms are all indicators of a bigger hormonal problem. Your naturopath may assist with getting your hormones balanced, reducing period and ovulation pain and other conditions such as Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, Endometriosis and Fibroids.
  1. Many Naturopaths are fertility specialists and can assist in IVF support, pre-pregnancy planning, during pregnancy and postpartum care to ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby. Your naturopath can help the body repair and assist with gynaecological issues, advise you on what to eat and any nutritional support you may need during your pregnancy.
  • Naturopaths Use a Holistic approach and treat the person as a whole. We don’t just symptom prescribe, we work on repairing the entire body, nerves, cells, immune system and work on the root cause of the problem.
  • Your naturopath will have a variety of treatment options for you. For instance, if you have Diabetes your naturopath can work with herbs, dietary and lifestyle changes, preparing meal plans and food lists for you and provide you with supplements to help rebalance your blood sugar levels.
  1. Your naturopath empowers you by educating you about health and giving you treatment options which are affordable and which you can easily incorporate into your life
  • Naturopaths offer individualised care, they can work out meal plans and lifestyle changes to suit you and your family.
  • Here are some conditions which Naturopaths regularly help with, Cardiovascular disease, Hormonal imbalance, Arthritis, Thyroid conditions, Fertility, digestive complaints, menopause, stress, anxiety, depression, allergies, skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, Autoimmune disorders.
  • Your naturopath can guide you through the best treatments for you, for instance, not all liver detoxes are the same, and everyone reacts differently to them so trust your naturopath to advise you on which approach to take. Your naturopath can guide you in a way that will support your body to heal quickly.
  • Your naturopath has done intensive medical training in Anatomy and Physiology, nutrition, herbal medicine, Chemistry, Biology, Homeopathy, and Biochemistry, as such they are knowledgeable and are able to work alongside your GP or other specialists to improve your treatment outcomes.

Great reasons to book in and see a naturopath and see how you can improve your health!!
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