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At Without Limits Health & Osteopathy Our highly skilled professionals are dedicated to providing our patient’s with knowledge and tools to succeed in living a healthy well balanced life, to be Without Limits.

Time & Space

Time and space are the two things that are lacking in most peoples lives today. Everybody seems to be time poor and it is starting from a younger age as kids schedules seem to be overwhelmingly busy. With every waking moment there seems to be less space to park your car, less space in our backyards if you're lucky enough to even have one, less space to sit on the aeroplane, there is less space for your thoughts, less space in your body and less space in life to explore who you actually are beneath your skin.

I invite you to join me on this journey of exploration of how time and space changes everything from your autonomic stress response to changing the way you think and respond to circumstances.

In order to embark on this journey, I must share with you my own personal journey one in which I have hesitated to share purely because it is hard to stand firm in your own vulnerability, which inevitably comes with sharing a part of yourself with the world, (however few people read this blog).

As a practitioner, I am not immune to the stresses of everyday life, and it is easy to forget that sometimes in order to help others you must first help yourself. For the last 6 years, I have been creating Without Limits Health, this is by far the most challenging thing I have ever faced, it constantly changes and grows and you have to adapt accordingly. But the story of my lack of time and space started well before Without Limits was born. It started at a young age as an aspiring athlete striving for something great, something beyond my limits; the opportunity to represent my country. With this dream came discipline, hard work, mental and physical toughness. It was ingrained in me from an early age from multiple coaches that you have to work hard to reach for your dreams, you must push the limits, a quote that my weights coach and mentor often used was “Only pain of hard work can save the agony of defeat”, this became my mantra at 4.45am starts and 10 pm finishes.

It wasn’t always easy living out of home, training 12 times a week, studying full-time and working to pay the bills. Somewhere along the journey, it became second nature in my brain pattern to associate the need to struggle in order to survive. Surviving was all that I did for such a long time that it became a truth inside of me that in order to survive I have to struggle. This truth then expanded as years went on to associate the need to struggle in order to be worthy of the reward and thus a pattern in my neurology was set and doomed to be repeated on a daily/weekly/monthly even yearly basis.

Sometimes in life, you have to work hard, but there is a vast difference between working hard and struggling to survive. Giving yourself time and space is a beautiful thing that we don’t do enough of as we get older and responsibility takes a hold, myself included. In the past 7 years, there have only been two occasions where I have granted myself the pleasure of time and space beyond a short holiday, which is ironic because the whole reason I started the business in the first place was to have the luxury of time and space. It’s funny how your focus gets redirected when you are in the thick of it. I finally decided to break free of that old brain patterning by giving back to myself time and space, which is one of the most valuable things I have ever done for my health and longevity. Time and space to explore who I am beneath my skin, time and space to expand my creativity, to change my story, my brain patterning, my thought process and my neurology.

What follows after you give yourself some freedom to explore is a whole lot of unwinding, not just in the mind but in the body too as they are so inherently linked. The process of unwinding takes time, like anything in life you don’t just wake up one morning wound up, the process of winding up takes time, therefore, the process of unwinding takes time as well.

As I unwound I began to notice how reactive my autonomic stress response was and how lowered my threshold for stimulating a response was. I also noticed how my thoughts and behaviors were so re-active re-enforcing the autonomic stress response. The more I became aware of these responses and patterning the more I was able to change them from an unconscious response to a conscious awareness; only when you become aware can you start to make a change. Changing your thought process and behaviour takes time, I am still in this process and I didn’t do it alone I had professional help, thought processes and brain patterning can be hard to shift because they start young as we are exposed to the world and begin to navigate our way through life the best that we can in the circumstances we find ourselves in, this is where our brain patterns arise and behavioural patterns are formed. As we get older those brain and behavioral patterns may no longer serve us and even hold us back from living the life we want.

If you can give yourself the gift of time and space you can explore, maybe even re-define who you are and how you want to live your life, after all the brain is plastic and always changing!
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