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Yannick Boribon-Soares

Yannick is a passionate Naturopath who strives to help her patients obtain optimal health and healing through lifestyle, diet, herbal medicine and supplements.

The Dangers of Conventional Sunscreen

The Dangers of Conventional Sunscreen


Our bodies thrive with Sunshine and fresh air and in Australia in particular we embrace being a sunburnt country. It is actually very healthy for us to spend time in the sun every day.  Just as plants need Sunshine to grow and thrive, so do we! A safe amount of time is between 15-20 minutes a day in the sunshine. Our bodies have an inbuilt Sun protection factor in the form of the Pituitary gland. When we step out  in the sun, the Pituitary gland signals the body to produce a hormone which protects us from getting burnt. The problem is though that we tend to wear dark sunglasses so our body is tricked into a false sense of being indoors when we are actually outside. As a result the pituitary gland doesn't receive the trigger to produce the hormone and consequently we end up getting burnt. The other reason is that we stay out in the sun a lot longer then what we should.

In the last 20 years we have lathered up in Sunscreen and slip, slop slapped yet the incidents of Skin cancers and Melanomas has doubled. So what's the reason? In fact it's because the sunscreens that people use are full of harmful toxic chemicals which can cause a lot more harm. The other factor is that people are lulled into a false sense of security that they are able to stay in the sun all day as long as they reapply sunscreen throughout the day. This false sense of security is one of the main causes of increased skin cancers as people over expose themselves to the Suns UVA and UVB rays which are strongest in the middle of the day. 


Just as we are what we eat, we also are what we put on our skin as everything is absorbed through the skin into the blood stream. Conventional sunscreens contain ingredients such as parabens,  Oxybenzone and Dioxybenzone which are dangerous hormonal disruptors and interfere with our immune system. The majority of sunscreens are bad for us because they contain these harmful chemicals and they impair the body's ability to absorb Vit D which provides a protective effect from certain diseases and cancers , regulate moods and combats depression, strengthens bones, and improves metabolism.

We recommend using a Natural Zinc based mineral Sunscreen, wearing a hat and a long sleeve shirt where you can and trying not to be in the sun for longer than 30 minutes at a time. Here are some Natural sunscreens which we recommend for when you need to go out in the sun. These sunscreens can be purchased from most health stores.


If you want to try making your own natural sunscreen at home, here is a recipe. 

Natural Sunscreen recipe


50 ml Almond Oil
50 ml Coconut Oil (liquid)
30gm Zinc Oxide 
1/2  teaspoon Carrot Seed Oil 
50 ml Shea Butter 
Combine all ingredients in a glass or ceramic bowl  (Not metal) and mix well until all oil is emulsified. Store in a dark glass jar.
Apply the mixture to clean dry skin before sun exposure.
Remember a moderate amount of Sunshine daily is good for us!
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